Taxi's available 24/7
call : 01903 53 33 33
Call : 01903 53 33 33
Taxi's available 24/7

A Brief History

Wortax was formed over 80 years ago by the proprietor of Steeles Garage.
The name was derived from 'Wor'.thing and 'tax'..is.

In 1978 they incorporated Browns taxis, which operated from a sweet shop opposite West Worthing Station and then in 1980 Steeles sold the company to 28 drivers who had clubbed together to form a cooperative

It was turned into two limited companies in 1994, a management company and a trading company for accounting purposes, but has now re-amalgamated.

It bought out the other major taxi company, Austin Hire Limited, in 2002, and now we are the premier company in Worthing the rest of the hackney drivers being independent operators.

So you can see the company is always evolving and developing - so watch this space for the future!

Where to find us

With our office located at Worthing Cental station we are an easily accessible
taxi company with many taxi ranks in convenient places in and around Worthing.
1 Worthing Central Railway Station2 West Worthing Railway Station3 Chapel Road4 Marine Parade (opposite Casa Ciros) from 22.00hrs to 03.00hrs