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Taxi's available 24/7

The Fleet

All vehicles carry a taxi plate affixed to the rear of the vehicle, an internal plate on the front windscreen visible from the inside and outside, both have the vehicle's licence number and registration number for identification.

All vehicles are fitted with a PDA meter, which must be used for all journeys unless a price is agreed with the passenger before setting off.

All vehicles are now fitted with front and cabin facing CCTV.

The driver is entitled to the fare displayed unless an arrangement has been made prior to the commencement of the journey. It is a criminal offence to take a journey by taxi without the means to pay the fare at the end of the journey. The driver is entitled to request a deposit for the fare before accepting the booking. A receipt will be given on request.

Environmental Concerns

When we dispatch our vehicles we attempt to send the closest available car to reduce fuel costs. All our vehicles are the latest models with fuel-efficient engines and reduced carbon emissions.

Where to find us

We are located at 65 Victoria Road.

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