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Taxi's available 24/7


Worthing Borough Council license taxis (hackney carriages) and private hire (minicabs) vehicles, their drivers and operators annually.

Hackney Carriage vehicles can be hired from a taxi rank or hailed in the street (as in London). Some taxis may have radios and therefore may take bookings. Private hire vehicles are only allowed to pick up pre-booked jobs.

All vehicles are subject to age limits and mechanical tests. In Worthing, taxis are white and private hire vehicles are any colour except silver or white to differentiate them.

Taxis will have a roof sign, hackney plate (blue) fixed to the outside rear of the vehicle and another similar one on the windscreen visible from inside and outside with the licence number and registration number of the vehicle.

Door signs giving the licence number of the vehicle are fixed to the rear doors of each vehicle. Similarly private hire vehicles also have plates (yellow) on the rear, on the windscreen and rear doors. Some private hire vehicles have small roof signs, which are to be lit only when hired, but it is not obligatory. All vehicles may have advertising.

All drivers undergo a Criminal Record Bureau check (every 3 years), a periodical medical check and a stringent knowledge test (the pass mark for a taxi driver is higher than that of the private hire driver). All drivers must display a council issued licence badge.

The fares charged by taxis are regulated by W.B.C. (see Price Guide) but private hire companies can set their own prices and cannot be regulated by W.B.C. A tariff card will be displayed in taxis and a taximeter will be fitted and can be checked at any time by the Hackney Carriage department of W.B.C.

If you are interested in becoming a taxi driver or private hire driver or have any queries regarding licensing contact the Licensing Office on 01273 263144.

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