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Taxi's available 24/7

Some Do's and Don'ts

Do only use licensed Worthing Borough Council hackney carriages, or private hire vehicles (for pre-booked jobs) in Worthing. If you use a vehicle from another town within Worthing, Worthing Borough Council may not be able to deal with matters of complaint.

Do telephone a reliable firm (preferably us on 01903 333333!)

Do ask for an estimation of the fare, if not a firm quotation, if travelling to outside the Worthing Borough. Do not engage the car unless you are happy with that quote.

Do ask for a receipt if you think you have been charged too much.

Do have small change available or at least small notes as the drivers do not carry limitless change and large value notes are not readily accepted

Do not flag down a private hire vehicle or pick one up from the street unless it is pre-booked they cannot take you as they will not be insured for that type of hiring.

Do not get into a car if you are concerned for your safety.

Do not pay more than the fare on the meter unless you wish to reward the driver. Tips are at your discretion.

Safety first - Be safe not sorry

Where to find us

We are located at 65 Victoria Road.

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