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Price Guide

Long Distance Rates:

For pre-booked trips of over 30 miles we discount our fares, and for certain destinations, including some airports and docks, there are set prices.

Journeys up to 30 miles
£2.00 per mile
Journeys over 30 miles
£1.75 per mile

Worthing - Gatwick Airport (includes Gatwick £5 drop off surcharge)
Return from Gatwick
includes up to first hour waiting time from flight arrival time.

Worthing - Heathrow Airport
Return from Heathrow

includes up to first hour waiting time from flight arrival time.

London - anywhere within North & South Circular
(does not include congestion or ULEZ charges where & when applicable)
(Excess waiting time on fixed fares is £15 per hour)

Other Set Prices:

London City Airport £135.00
Stansted Airport £165.00
Luton Airport£165.00
Southampton Airport and Docks (return is + £5)
Dover £170.00
Plus any car parking charges.
Wait & Returns - Outbound price plus £15 per hour waiting time plus 50% of outbound fare for the return trip.

Other surcharges:

Any set airport fare booking between 23:00 and 06:00 is plus £5.

Estate car requests add £5.00.
Multi-seaters prices are normal saloon fare plus approx 50%.

Please ensure that your luggage can be safely carried within the luggage space of the vehicle or an estate car will be required and be charged.

Pick-ups outside the Worthing borough with a drop-off also outside of the borough will incur a surcharge.
Please contact us for a quotation and / or confirmation of any price.

Where to find us

We are located at 65 Victoria Road.

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