Taxi's available 24/7
call : 01903 33 33 33
Taxi's available 24/7

Tariff One, Daily (0600 - 2300):

To apply at all times except when tariff two, three or four applies.
For the first 0.10 mile, £3.00
For each subsequent 0.10 mile, £0.10

Tariff Two, Night time (2300 - 0600):

Includes Most Public Holidays, except when Tariff Three applies.
As Tariff One plus £1.50 to start.

Tariff Three, Christmas and New Year:

From 23:00 on 24th December to 06:00 on 26th December &
From 23:00 on 31st December to 06:00 on 2nd January.
For the first 0.10 mile, £6.00
For each subsequent 0.10, £0.20

Boxing Day:

Normal meter fare plus £2

Extras:A passenger that soils a taxi shall be liable to a charge not exceeding £100.00

Where to find us

With our office located at Worthing Cental station we are an easily accessible
taxi company with many taxi ranks in convenient places in and around Worthing.